Bath Emulsion


Everyday nourishment and care of the skin:

  • atopic
  • in other diseases characterised with the skin dryness (ichthyosis, psoriasis, eczema, lichen planus)
  • very dry, rough and cracked
  • irritated, itching

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Emolium bath emulsion is a modern emollient recommended for dermatological baths of adults and children with very dry skin and in diseases characterised by dry skin: atopic dermatitis, ichthyosis, psoriasis, eczema, lichen planus and supportive during local treatment with corticosteroids. Due to its rich and waterless formula, it provides a long-term rebuilding of the skin’s lipid coat and leaves the skin properly oiled and nourished. It regenerates the skin and eliminates the feeling of dryness and itching. It creates on its surface an active lipid occlusion, which acts bi-directionally: it does not only protects from the action of external factors and water lost, but most of all, it provides the intercellular lipids, EFA and substances that keep water for long time deep inside the skin. The hypoallergic formulation of the Bath emulsion was developed in cooperation with dermatologists. It is recommended for use in children over 1 day of life.


  • rebuilds the hydrolipid coat of the skin
  • nourishes and oils the skin
  • eliminates feeling of dryness, itching and pulling
  • binds water in skin
  • limits transepidermal water loss
  • possesses washing properties
  • does not contain dyes and fragrances
  • hypoallergic


Bath for adults: Until the doctor recommends otherwise, add 30 ml of the preparation (1 measure) to a half-filled bath tube. The bath should last about 15 minutes. Then, delicately dry the skin with a towel, without rubbing.
Bath for children and infants: Until the doctor recommends otherwise, add 15 ml of the preparation (1/2 of the measure) to a filled bath basin. The bath should last about 15 minutes. Then, delicately dry the skin with a towel, without rubbing.

Active substances:

Macadamia oil
The oil derived from Macadamia ternifolia nuts, rich in phytosterols and lecitine. Resistant to autooxidation.It perfectly oils, softens and makes the skin elastic. It soothes irritations and smoothens rough, excessively dried skin. Provides essential unsaturated fatty acids (EUFA) and phospholipids.
Paraffin oil
Liquid paraffin, mixture of solid, saturated hydrocarbons. It has an occlusive action by creating a protective film on the skin surface, protecting it from the water lost. It softens, moisturizes and smoothens the epidermis.
Shea butter
Derived from seeds of butter tree – Magnifolia. It possesses oiling, smoothing and soothing properties. It protects and strengthens the intracellular matrix and the skin’s hydrolipid coat. It stimulates cellular metabolism and strengthens local capillary circulation. It efficiently protects from the harmful actions of the external factors and soothes the skin’s irritations.
Avocado oil
Long term strengthening and rebuilding of the natural lipid structure of the stratum corneaum layer of the epidermis. It replenishes deficiencies in naturally present skin lipids, including, among others, triglycerides as well as saturated and unsaturated lipid acids, including (EFA). Oils and regenerates the destructed epidermis.
Caprylic/capric triglycerides
They replenish lipid deficiencies in the intercellular matrix , oil the skin and limit transepidermal water lost. They decrease the risk of penetration of the harmful external factors into deeper layers of the skin.
Corn oil triglicerides
Derived from cold-pressed oil from corn seeds (Zea mays). They possess the structure similar to the prostaglandin’s structure. Due to the linolic acid content, they strengthen lipid barrier of the epidermis, grease the skin and limit transepidermal water lost (TEWL). They improve elasticity and resilience of the epidermis. They cause that the skin becomes less susceptible to inflammation and they possess anti-itching and anti-irritation properties.