Bloateze 20 tablets


Relieves Bloating, Cramping & Pain in the Digestive System

  • Effective Relief
  • Unique Simethicone and Charcoal Formulation
  • Dual Action Combination
  • Gets to Work in the Stomach in 15 Minutes
  • Works throughout the gut

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Bloateze is a combination of 2 active ingredients
Each tablet contains 50mg of Simethicone and 300mg of Charcoal.

It is recommended to take 2 tablets twice a day after a main meal. You can take up to 4 tablets a day.
The tablets should be taken with a glass of water.
Take Bloateze only when needed.
Be careful when taking other treatments e.g. oral contraceptives as the charcoal can reduce its efficiency. Leave at least 3 hours between taking other oral medicines and Bloateze.

The active ingredients in Bloateze help release trapped abdominal gas
This includes bloating, cramping and/or flatulence.

Bloateze is a Dual action treatment; it contains Simethicone & Activated Carbon (Charcoal)
Both ingredients work to relieve the uncomfortable feeling in your stomach & bowel
Simethicone breaks down the small gas bubbles and makes it easier to burp out.
Active carbon traps gas and toxins and reduces odor from flatus (farts).

Bloateze gets to work quickly
50% gets to work in your stomach within 15 minutes
The remaining 50% travels into your intestine and is released within 60 minutes

Bloateze is a non-systemic treatment
This means that it is not absorbed into your blood stream