Fix tea for flatulence is perfectly selected composition of herbs and fruits. Fruit cumin relieves cramps in the abdomen. Mint leaves and fruit of fennel support the digestive system, are useful in flatulence and abdominal cramps. The fruit of coriander and rosemary leaf facilitate digestion. In addition, coriander regulates the level of intestinal gas.

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Components of the formulation facilitate digestion.
 Recommended intake:
Used three times a day. One sachet of tea brewed with boiling water (200ml), covered for 15 minutes.
Fruit cumin 30%, peppermint leaf 25%, 18% hawthorn fruit, the fruit of coriander 15%, 5% artichoke herb, fennel fruit 5%, 2% rosemary leaf.
 100g of product contains:
– The energy value of 679kJ / 162kcal,
– 2.7 g fat (including saturated acids 0.6 g), 26 g carbohydrates (including sugars 7,1g), 9 g protein, salt 0g.
 200ml infusion of one sachet (2g) comprises:
– The energy value 8kJ / 2kcal,
– Fat 0g (including saturated acids 0g), carbohydrates <0.5g (including sugars <0.5 g), protein <0.5g, 0g salt.
Important tips:
A balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle.
Store in a dry place.