Lacalut mouthwash 300ml


Liquid Lacalut Activ antibacterial eliminating one of the main factors of caries and periodontitis. It prevents the formation of tartar and consequently gingivitis. For use in daily oral hygiene. Cleans and protects teeth after a meal until the next time they are washed.

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Lacalut AKTIV liquid oral hygiene and dental care to complement the daily care.

It protects against the formation of tartar, as well as from inflammation of the gums.

The fluid contains a special composition of active ingredients, which aims to:

reduction in plaque
protection from bleeding gums, and
development of caries
How to use:

Lacalut AKTIV fluid for use before or after brushing your teeth, and regardless of their washing.

Before cleaning your teeth – eliminates the bacterial pellet, which contributes to the development of periodontitis and tooth decay.
After cleaning the teeth with or without – inhibits the formation of tartar.
Also recommended mouthwash people who use dentures, braces for better care of the gums.

COMPOSITION: An ingredient
Aluminum lactate

reduces bleeding gums
astringent and anti-inflammatory effect on the gingiva
It prevents the formation of tartar

bactericidal and bacteriostatic in particular cariogenic bacteria
Aluminum fluoride

increases the resistance of teeth to decay
(Active ingredient CAMOMILE)

relieves inflammation of the gums

accelerates healing, soothing and regenerating
Amine (Olaflur)

It stimulates the remineralization of enamel, preventing tooth decay

They provide a feeling of freshness
It contains aluminum fluoride – 225 ppm of fluoride

It does not contain alcohol.