Opokan artro, 60 capsules


Diet suplement for joints.

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Opokan Artro dietary supplement components:

–        have a beneficial effect on joint resiliency,

–        improve joint mobility,

–        support normal function of cartilage.

Product components are recommended for adults, particularly the elderly and those who are actively engaged with sport.

Opokan artro dietary supplement components help to ensure normal functioning of joints and keep them in good condition.

Glucosamine has a beneficial effect on joint resiliency and helps maintain healthy joints.

Boswellia serrata extract improves mobility of joints and helps keep them in good condition.

Vitamin C plays a role in normal collagen production to ensure proper functioning of cartilage.



1 capsule

Glucosamine sulphate

500 mg

Vitamin C

10 mg (38%)*

Boswellia serrata extract

20 mg

*% Recommended Daily Intake